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Fair Camera Access

Although we currently do not have webcam feeds available, you can view our selection of security cameras on the fairgrounds by using the Lorex App on your mobile device.

If you are not connected to the Oceanacf wifi, use the LOREX CLOUD app:

  • Download the LOREX CLOUD app on your device and install.
  • The following are the credentials that you need to login:
    • name: oceanacountyfair
    • user ID: GUEST (all capital letters)
    • password: 987654
    • device ID:  Inva4b2e14e1
  • Once you have entered the login credentials, click the CONNECT button at the bottom.
  • The app should connect and open with 15 camera views.
  • Double click on any view to isolate that camera on your screen.
  • By tapping on the bottom of the screen, you can bring up the menu to adjust your view settings.

If you are connected to the Fair wifi, use the Lorex Secure app:

  • Download and install the LOREX SECURE app
  • Use the following credentials to log in
    • email:  oceanacountyfair@gmail.com
    • password:  aMAeSeXo
  • Click on the camera you would like to view
    • username:  GUEST
    • password:  987654